I had a display garden at the Mornington flower and garden show and I bought a bag of worm poo from you. I did an experiment of 2 tomatoes and the results were amazing! I have used the rest on the veggie garden and it looks great!

I have a landscaping job that I am doing in Mt Martha and would like to get quite a few bags. Do you do it in bigger bags or do you offer a trade/wholesale discount. I will be planting the back garden next week and would probably want at least 20 bags, with more for the front closer to christmas.

I can be contacted via this email or give me a call on the number below".

Clive Abben



To The Owner of Virgin Worm Poo,

I just wanted to send you a quick note and picture of our tomato plants that we planted 2.5 weeks ago. The one on the left we did not put any worm poo and the one on the right, along with all our other plants, we put a small handful of worm poo when we planted them.

The size difference is amazing and my husband is certainly excited about your product. He's so impressed he wantes to extend our smallish veggie garden as he believes we will get a great crop this year.

Thank-you so much and we will be in contact to purchase more bags of your liquid gold.


Kylie Sette




 I cant believe the the fantastic results my dad had with his carrots this year, Thank you virgin worm poo you're amazing we can't get enough of it, Maria



I will have to prop up my apple tree this year! What a fantastic product, Andrew Rundle



What a brilliant product.....my garden loves it and the plants really flourish. Lyn



Danny has been looking after his Frangipani for 5 years with no flowers.  He added just a handful of virgin worm poo and look at the results.


He was so happy that he has purchased another bag.




 Photos courtesy of Danny sent to Virgin Worm Poo on 4th April 2016


Thank you Virgin Worm Poo our work communal garden has never looked better. Healthy salads all summer


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